ConnectWorks Inc. | Meet. Grow. Have fun!
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Meet. Grow. Have fun!

ConnectWorks provides an online solution for social events. Before the start, we match up those looking for something specific with whose who offer it.

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We are a B2B company for social events like conferences, trade shows, and summits. We help people make meaningful connections. Therefore, we leverage available data and use artificial intelligence to provide the best matches for the attendees. All you have to do is tell us what you want. We take care of the rest and help you connect with a list of people to meet at the event.


Hire or get hired.


Sell, buy or market a product.


Increase knowledge on a specific topic.

Interesting People

Meet peers for an unforgettable conversation.

Best way to connect people on events

We would love to hear from you

Our aim is to meet, grow and have fun with all of the people in the world. Leave us feedback or your email, and we make sure to contact you back!